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Item Size Type
73420 #0 DAMAGE SCREW REMOVER     #0 0 to 3
73421 #1 DAMAGE SCREW REMOVER     #1 4 to 7,10-12,5MM
73423 #3 DAMAGE SCREW REMOVER     #3 11 to 14,5/16",8MM
73422 #2 DAMAGE SCREW REMOVER     #2 8 to 8,1/4",6MM
Damage Screw Remover
  • Double-end extractor tips remove stripped bolts or screws quickly and easily.
  • Patented drill and flute design improves screw extraction.
  • Extracts all types of damaged screwdriving bits.
  • Type = screw size and broken heads to remove.
Description: 73420 #0 Damage Screw Remover
Item#: 1783-4206-9
UPC: 081838734206
Price: $7.99 / CD
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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