Foothills Irrigation

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DW4428 4X1/8" MASONRY SAW BLADE DCW-BULK     4x1/8x5/8"
DW4528 4-1/2X1/8"X7/8 MASRY GRIND WHL     4-1/2x1/8x7/8"
DW4524 4-1/2" ABR. DISC BLADE     4-1/2x1/4x7/8"
Center Wheel
  • Double reinforced with industrial grit and glue for increased life and faster cuts.
  • Superior friability that allows the wheel to break down and dissipate rather than melt down, increasing sharpness for longer life and maximum grinding applications.
  • Type 27, C24R.
Description: DW4528 4-1/2X1/8" X7/8 Masry Grind Whl
Item#: 0432-4528-1
UPC: 028874045286
Price: $3.79 / CD
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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