Foothills Irrigation

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Item Size
J9522 - 3/16" SCREW EXTRACTOR     11/64"-3/16"
J9524 - 5/16" SCREW EXTRACTOR     19/64"-5/16"
J9525 - 3/8" SCREW EXTRACTOR     11/32"-3/8"
J9526 - 9/16" SCREW EXTRACTOR     15/32"-1/2"
J9529 1-1/16" SCREW EXTRACTOR     31/32"-1"
Screw Extractors
  • Drive into end of broken pipe or fitting.
  • Use tap holder or wrench on extractor to turn out broken part.
Description: J9522 - 3/16" Screw Extractor
Item#: 1202-5334-9
UPC: 662679531607
Price: $9.99 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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